1.- The Laboratory of Dr. Boeiro

Open call for teams of renowned scientists. Study a death that happened in San Carlos de Bariloche in November 2005. The victim, historian Labaut, purchased a property with a curious laboratory. He discovered this room was not included in the original home plans. Labaut died from poisoning under suspicious circumstances while investigating Dr. Boeiro, a fugitive bacteriologist, who had lived in the same house in the seventies.

The importance of the case requires discretion. You have a limited time of 60 minutes to solve the mystery. More details will be shared at the meeting.

2.- The Mountain Shelter

While hiking in the mountains you are caught up in a snowstorm and cannot continue. Luckily, a little further ahead, some shelter lights can be seen, and your are safe.... Or so you think. The caretakers behave strangely, there is a somber atmosphere, unsettling, they are definitely hiding something. Not only do you feel, you perceive that things are going from bad to worse and your suspicions come true when you remain isolated in a strange room. Before getting desperate, an opportunity come up to escape, but you have only sixty minutes, only one chance. Can you escape from the dark secret of the shelter?